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Message From Chairman

Alhaj Abul Bashar Abu

IMS Group now has many concerns located in different areas in our country. The most recent addition to the Group is a Shipyard called the Macca Marine Ship Builders with its hardworking intelligent cheap workforces in Bangladesh can truly, emerge as a shipbuilding nation in the world.

Resultantly, shipbuilding industry may earn huge foreign currency through export. With this vision to contribute much to the nation through quality shipbuilding and ship export, Macca Marine Ship Builders has been established in 2010. The Shipyard, in terms of capacity, will be able to process 10,000 tons steel annually. Typically, the shipyard will be able to deliver 04 no. of ships of 5000 tons DWT each year.

We have already handed over more than 50 Oil Tanker, Fishing Trawler & Cargo Vessel to our valued customers after completion of Elongation & Repairing Works.