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Message From Managing Director

Khair Ahmed

Bashar Group of Companies started off as a Shipping Business known as IMS Shipping Lines. This Project is turned out to be very successful and had helped foster the growth of trust and confidence of the foreign client.

Driven by the ramifications of this success, Bashar Group geared up to invest in new fields, including New Ship Building, Ship Breaking Yard and Recycling, Import of Oil Tanker, Towing Tug and Cargo Vessel. Dock Yard for Vessel repairing, Towing Tugs, Oil Tankers, Cargo Vessels, Bunker Supply, Shipping Agent and Ship Management, Stevedoring and Shore Handling, Deep Sea Fishing, Shrimp Hatchery, Residential Hotel at Cox's Bazar and Land & Property Development.

The Group now has 4 major concerns located in different areas in our country. The most-recent addition to the Group is a Shipyard called the Macca Marine Ship Builders with these hardworking intelligent cheap workforces Bangladesh can, truly, emerge as a shipbuilding nation in the world. With 30 years of experience of quality shipbuilding of various types, modern facilities and highly trained skilled work force, it is a national asset and soliciting supports of all concern on its way of further growth and expansion.

Currently Macca Marine Ship Builders delivers vessels to fulfill different industry's needs, including offshore works, harbor services, fishing industry, shipping duties, public transportation, dredging operations and Petroleum products carrier.

Our business strategy is "Diversity for growth and innovation".